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Cheeses in the Ripening Room

Our Cheese

is produced from fresh whole milk from our own herd of Jersey cows. Below we have descriptions of all our current cheeses.



Allegany CheeseBased on a recipe for an Italian style cheese traditionally made in the summer in the plateau region of the Dolomites. Ours is adapted to our wintertime whole milk in the rolling foothills of the Alleghenies. The favorite at the farmers’ market.




Boltonfeta Cheese"Bolton" means round hill and we’ve got plenty of those. This is our Greek style feta, full flavored, and packed in light brine. Soak in cold water for a time if you prefer a less salty cheese. Our Boltonfeta was awarded a bronze medal in the 2008 World Jersey Cheese Awards held in Jersey, Channel Islands, UK



Buttercup CheeseOur newest edition is our creamy smooth Buttercup cheese.  This is a semi-soft, creamy, buttery tasting cheese.  Try some melted on your hamburger or baked potato today!





Gold CheeseOur first cheese and still a favorite. This cheese is made only in the summer months when the cows are on pasture to capture the natural golden color of the grass. Aged 5-8 months, this cheese works equally well on a cheese tray, baked in a casserole or paired with fruit. As "gouda" as it gets!



Ivory Lace

Ivory Lace CheeseA havarti style cheese, smooth and mellow. Pair it with fruit or round out a sandwich. Two thumbs up from our daughter!





Old Gold

Old Gold CheeseThe same cheese as our Gold but aged at least a year. It is a little drier and a lot sharper. Worth the wait.






A cold water wash before molding gives this cheese a smooth, creamy texture. Surprise your tastebuds by pairing it with a gingersnap! Bet you can’t eat just one.